Glenview Hills
Rumpke pick up days are as follows:
Trash — Monday and Thursday
Yard waste — Monday
Recycling — Thursday
As a reminder, our contract with Rumpke includes rear door service for garbage only. Please note, this only applies to 3-30 gallon cans. If you have a regular 95 gallon brown can, residents will need to wheel it to the curb for pick up. Recycling and yard waste also need to be brought to the curb/street.
Junk Days
The following junk days are scheduled:
March 25, 2024
June 24, 2024
September 23, 2024
Deed Restrictions
The Deed of Declaration of Restrictions is intended to improve the beauty of our city and makes restrictions on property improvement, fencing, driveways, storage and vehicles. Permission for property improvements or additions must be secured from the Board of Commissioners before projects have begun. Please refer to the full deed restrictions below for additional information and contact the City Attorney with questions or concerns.
View Deed Restrictions
Animals are to be controlled at all times. We operate under Jefferson County leash law and violators are subject to fines.
Please advise your guests to park on one side of the street only when you are having a party so that fire trucks and emergency vehicles can get through.
Real Estate
If your house is for sale, please inform your realtor that directional signs are permitted at the entrances of Glenview Hills only from Friday to Sunday evening.
Remember to name Glenview Hills as the recipient of your insurance company license fees. For necessary forms, please call the Mayor.
Glenview Hills residents vote at the Temple, at the corner of Lime Kiln Lane and US Highway 42 under precinct number E172.
Safety Information
The safety of our community is of utmost importance. Our city has contracted Homeland Patrol, operated by Major Jamey Schwab, to patrol and service our community. Please contact the Safety Commissioner or Major Schwab with questions or concerns. You can reach Major Schwab at or (502) 376-1203.